1. "World Cup Promotion" activity was carried out on ("Site" or "We"). Products with "World Cup Promotion" sign on Site are participating in this promotion.

2. Buy 5pcs in one order, we will ship you 7pcs directly; buy 10pcs in one order, 15pcs are shipped; buy 15pcs in one order, 22pcs are shipped; buy 20pcs in one order, 30pcs are shipped.

2.1. If you buy 5pcs in one order, and another 5pcs in another order, finally you'll get 14pcs.

2.2. If you buy 10pcs in one order, finally you'll get 15pcs.

3. Buy products in activity and pay for them, Site will send some points to your account (1 points for each product) after confirming your payment.

3.1. 2 points = 1 USD

3.2. Points can be used when check out to reduce the actual payment amount of Promotion Products, or used to exchange products in promotion for free.

For example, the price of PROMOTION PRODUCT is 29USD, 58 points are needed for free exchange:

If you buy 5pcs, you can get 7pcs and 5 points.

If you buy 10pcs, you can get 15pcs and 10 points.

4. Points will be cleared on January 1st of each calendar year.

5. Points cannot be transferred to other accounts, cannot be exchanged for cash, and can only be used when buying products on Site.

6. Search "World Cup Promotion" in Site to find all products involved in this activity.

7. The final interpretation of this activity is owned by Site.


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