Black Emerson 701PBKKF Smart Power Module

Black Emerson 701PBKKF Smart Power Module

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Output Current 20mA
Output Power 24V
Output Voltage 3.6V
Input Voltage 7.2 V
Brand Name Emerson
Output Frequency 1000Hz
Model Number 701PBKKF
Place of Origin United States
Weight 230 g
Color Black
Black Emerson 701PBKKF Smart Power Module

with up to 10-year, maintenance-free operation, the Emerson 701P SmartPower? Module - Black provides replacement without transmitter removal allowing you to quickly change power modules in the field. as an intrinsically safe solution, this power module is engineered with a robust and adaptable design that withstands harsh environments and allows you to choose the best mode of power for your application.
Black Emerson 701PBKKF Smart Power Module

Functional specifications

Life expectancy
up to 10-year life at 1 minute update rate. 

Humidity limits
0100% relative humidity

Physical specifications

Material selection
Emerson provides a variety of Rosemount product with various product options and configurations including materials of construction that can be expected to perform well in a wide range of applications. the Rosemount product information presented is intended as a guide for the purchaser to make an appropriate selection for the application. It is the purchaser's sole responsibility to make a careful analysis of all process
Parameters (such as all chemical components, temperature,pressure, flow rate, abrasives, contaminants, etc.), when pecifying product, materials, options and components for the particular application. Emerson Process Management is not in a position to evaluate or guarantee the compatibility of the process fluid or other process parameters with the product,options, configuration or materials of construction selected

Electrical connections
Emerson SmartPower solutions were designed for use with various Smart Wireless devices.
the black power module is used with the 3051S, 648, 848, 702,2160, 9420, and 6081.
the green power module is used with the 708, 3051C, and 2051.

Rated voltage
Black Power Module: 7.2 V
Green Power Module: 3.6 V

Materials of construction
Lithium-thionyl chloride with a polybutylene terephthalate(PBT) enclosure.

Black Power Module -0.50 lb. (230 g)
Green Power Module - 0.34 lb. (155 g)

Performance specifications

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
All Models:
Meets all relevant requirements of EN 61326-1; 2006; EN61326-2-3; 2006.

Vibration effect
No effect when tested per the requirements of IEC60770-1:High Vibration Level - field or pipeline (10-60 Hz 0.21 mm displacement peak amplitude / 60-2000 Hz 3G).

Power module life
Power module life in a given wireless transmitter is mainly a function of the wireless update rate. Faster wireless updates lead to lower power module life. Power module life is also impacted by extreme temperature service and wireless network conditions.

? 3 Network Descendants
? 70 F Ambient Temperature
? 10 years is shelf life of lithium cell
? +/- 10% capacity for temperature and network variation

Black power module

? Hazardous Area Certifications: FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx

Designed for use with:
Rosemount 702 Wireless Discrete Transmitter
Rosemount 3051S Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Rosemount 648 Wireless Temperature Transmitter
Rosemount 848T Wireless Temperature Transmitter
Rosemount 248 Wireless Temperature Transmitter
CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter
Rosemount Analytical 6081 Wireless Transmitter for pH andConductivity
Rosemount 2160 Wireless Vibrating Fork Liquid Level Switch
Rosemount 3308 WirelessGuided Wave Radar Level and Interface Transmitter

Green power module

   Hazardous Area Certifications: FM, CSA, ATEX, IECEx

Designed for use with:
Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter
Rosemount 3051 Wireless Pressure Transmitter
Rosemount 2051 Wireless Pressure Transmitter

Intrinsically safe power solution
? SmartPower Modules can be changed in hazardous areas
? No need to remove transmitter from process to change powermodule

Predictable life
? Life expectancies specified under installed conditions
? up to 10 year life depending on update rate

Easy maintenance
? Low level alerts for easy planning of replacements
? Keyed connections for easy replacement and fail-safe connection

Safe robust design
? Short circuit protection
? No special training required
? Designed for harsh environments


up to 10-year, maintenance-free operation and replacement without transmitter removal for reliable performance

Adaptable module offers a selection of power modes to meet varying application demands

Intrinsically safe device designed for routine maintenance in hazardous areas

Low level alerts allow easy and straightforward maintenance scheduling

Keyed connections provide easy and fail-safe replacements

Ordering Information

Model Product description
701P SmartPower Options

SmartPower type
BK Black Power Module
GN Green Power Module

KF FM, CSA, ATEX, and IECEx Intrinsically Safe

Typical model number: 701PBKKF