IBAMA IB-SM02 Soda Water Maker Carbonated Water Machine Easy Fizzy Beverage Extractor for Home/Office/Party Use

IBAMA IB-SM02 Soda Water Maker Carbonated Water Machine Easy Fizzy Beverage Extractor for Home/Office/Party Use

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Brand Name IBAMA
Material ABS
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IBAMA Soda Water Maker Carbonated Water Machine Easy Fizzy Beverage Extractor for HomeOfficeParty Use

Easy and Fast- Instantly carbonate tap water into delicious and health Soda water in 3s by a simple pressing.

Luxurious Contemporary Style- Made of high quality and safety plastic with a champagne finish, it has an engaging appeal that your guests will easily Remember.

Portable and Space-Saving- Smaller than a coffee machine that doesn't Take up much space in your kitchen. Easy to carry and store that can be used in Home, office, hotel or picnic outside.

Various Level of Fizziness- IBAMA soda water maker lets you choose the Levels of carbonation you want by pressing the button once, twice, thrice...... 

Delicious Home-Made Drink- Designed for carbonating water and adding Flavor after, great for making original and unusual flavors using fruit juices as flavorings.  


IBAMA, enjoy healthy and delicious effervescence at home with an effortless and convenient way!


Love this Elegant Soda Maker from a Glance

Intuitive, elegant, chic and easy cleanup, this is why our IBAMA Soda Water Maker stands out from all bubbly machine! It perfectly blends the pure White finish and the wood grain. Your guests will definitely remember it at First glance.


IBAMA Gives you More Delicious, Simple and CO2 that other Soda Maker Cannot!

Compared with the traditional bubble water machine, Ibama Soda water Maker produce more CO2 with a higher solubility. after pouring out, you can Hear the fine sound of the bubbles. Taste a bit with your tongue, you will feel A faint sour taste and a slightly salty taste at first, then it will remain Sweet and endless aftertaste.  


Tired of Colorlessness & Tasteless Water? It's Time to Play More Tricks!

Get tired with the plain water? Try this soda water maker! after turning the tap water into sparkling water, you can apply it into many beverages, Cocktail, and other alcohol or sugary drinks. Especially in hot summer, you can Add lemon or freshly squeezed fruit juice to make your drink more delicious and Drink more water!

A Way to Enjoy Sweet and Delicious Drinks, and Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

We all know that water is the source of lives, and we are recommended to Drink at least 8 cups of water every day. but really? Who can bear to drink so Many plain waters every day? Now with this machine, you can easily break the Limitation between health and sweets. Get away from the fat drink from cola, Beer, high-fructose corn syrup and many other commercial drinks that has so Many sugars, calorie, aspartame or other unknown sweeteners. and imagine how Much money you'd saved when stopped to purchase the soft drink and energy drink and just grabbed the tap.


Sports Drinks? Dinner Mate? Or Relieve Constipation!

You're feeling sluggish at work, or readying yourself to start a sweaty Workout. Or just want to enjoy a delicious dinner. Perfect time to try a glass of soda water! You will feel a refreshing taste with small bubbles in your Mouth, as delicate as champagne. Then your appetite and energy will be boosted up for welcome a feast or a vibrant work. and as the study shows, the Carbonated water is also helpful to improve dyspepsia symptoms as well as Constipation and gallbladder emptying.